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Today I am grateful for May Day!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 121

Today I am grateful for May Day! For me, this day represents the Rites of Spring, Rebirth and Renewal. Fifty three years ago my birth parents married, setting an intention to raise me. Wheew, I am grateful that I turned out the way I did! I am grateful for my upbringing and ALL the people in my life. It has been the circumstances, community, and connection that shapes the fabric of my life.

I am celebrating May Day with a May Day Basket adorning my entry. The Port Orchard Bay Street Association, and downtown merchants are starting up an old/new tradition–fresh flowers by our doors! I love this deliberate intention and opportunity for action. I am grateful for Spring!

Spring is a season of Rebirth and Renewal. The flowers and trees budding out and quite literally an awakening from their winter slumber. When a tree leafs out in spring–it seems like a complete miracle to me–a total transformation. I love the tree as an icon, a symbol of being rooted and reaching for the sky. An icon of getting grounded–where you are.

Trees reflect the health of their soil and environment–stay present to tending your own soil, and reducing toxins in your environment–this includes toxic people too! At menopause I decided to focus on nourishment: spending time my soul-filling people, going to soul-filling places, and doing soul-filling things.

In the Biosphere in Arizona scientists have been growing food and trees in a fully enclosed environment. Years back, the trees started falling over. Scientists determined that the trees need wind to strengthen their root systems and trunks. They analyzed the bark of the trees and realized that the wind makes the trees stronger, when they grow more bark to strengthen their trunks. This is called stress bark. I love this correlating this to the roll that stress plays in our lives… It helps us root in and tall stronger.

When we acknowledge the positive effects of stress in our lives, we transform it by focusing on the good. Studies show that when we think about the positive effects of stress we are able to rewire our thinking about it, and experience less negative effects. I will put a link to the You Tube/ Ted Talk How to make stress your friend | Kelly McGonigal, into the comments below.

It is all about changing the way you look at something. This is very similar to a deliberate gratitude practice. You can change your stress reactions by changing the way you think about the stressors in your life. You can find gratitude–even in the stressors of our lives.

A coach is like an electrician, helping you rewire your life. We are able to look at a past event and discharge then energy you place on it, dig into beliefs, and upgrade the meaning we made about an event–much like a software update. Think about when you show someone your scars. Our scars represent what happened to us along our journey. They are not open wounds anymore. We don’t have to relive the trauma every time we recant the story.

So I celebrate the Renewal and Rejuvenation that Spring represents. I am grateful for the opportunity for Rebirth–to start another chapter. I am grateful that the stressors in my life help make me stronger. I am grateful to be well rooted in my life and my community. ____________________ 365 Days of Wonderful – a daily gratitude practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive. Thanks for tuning in!

I am a Transformational Life Coach, I help people in major transition and life crisis – or health crisis, gain clarity, personal empowerment, and go from stuck in a rut–to Wonderful. Find your purpose, passion, and meaning. Learn to listen to Your Heart’s Song, and calibrate your inner compass toward Joy. Coaching provides support and accountability, so that you take consistent empowered action and transform your life in a deliberate way. Together we move mountains!

If you are ready for change in a BIG Way, then private message Monika Adams. I offer a 90 minute Empower Wonderful You Clarity session (in person, or by phone or video)–it will help you gain clarity about what might be stopping you from having more of what you want.

Listen to your Heart–heed its call. Now is all there is. ______________ Individual Inquiry: In what areas of your life can you celebrate Rebirth and Renewal? Can you identify positive effects of stress in your life? Do you feel well rooted and stable during times of stress? Where do you notice that you may have wounds that are not scars yet? Are you ready to be able to recant the story without becoming triggered?

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