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Today I am grateful for Completions and Commencement!

365 days of Wonderful – Day 135

Today I am grateful for Completions and Commencement! Graduation is in the air. Everyone I know is celebrating. Endings are beginnings. I am grateful to close the old chapter, and to jump whole-heartedly into the new chapter!

Today I completed another step in my HMBA Mastery Certification… Today was the last day of my MasterMinds Group #61. It has been a year of intense growth, personal development, and business development. I am happy to report that I have successfully launched my coaching practice.

As with all new things, I appreciate the space of beginner’s mind, and fresh eyes. AND I love that by taking small steps every day, that the journey unfolds and my vision had become a reality. What once seemed like a pie in the sky, has come to fruition!

I am grateful for the sense of accomplishment. I am grateful to understand the physics of momentum, and know that by simply applying myself, consistently, over a specific time duration, that my dreams come true!

Remember learning to drive a manual transmission? At first, there seems like too much to remember, and too many moving parts. And then, one day you realize that you are doing it without even having to think about the steps… that is mastery.

Mastery is a lovely word. I have been studying the business of coaching, the transformational coaching method–based in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), to become a masterful coach. To become a master of habit change. I am grateful for my colleagues, for their shining light. I am grateful for this incredible program. I am grateful for my clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to help You step into the Best Version of You.

I am grateful that my mother showed me how to believe in myself, she showed me how to put one foot in front of the other, and Reach For The Stars!

One of my favorite children’s books was The Little Engine The Could… I swear that we read that book a million times. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can… has turned into I KNOW I CAN!

For my nostalgia lovers, here’s a link to the Little Engine That Could! ENJOY! I had this original hard cover! ___________________ 365 Days of Wonderful – a daily gratitude practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive. Thanks for tuning in!

I am a Transformational Life Coach, I help people in major transition, life crisis, and health crisis, gain clarity, and personal empowerment, so they are able to go from stuck in a rut–to Wonderful.

Find purpose, passion, and meaning. Learn to listen to Your Heart’s Song, and calibrate your inner compass toward Joy.

Coaching provides support and accountability, so that you take consistent empowered action and transform your life in a deliberate way. Together we move mountains!

If you are ready for change in a BIG Way, then private message Monika Adams. I offer a 90 minute Empower Wonderful You Clarity session (in person, by phone, or video)–it will help you gain clarity about what might be stopping you from having more of what you REALLY want.

Listen to your Heart–heed its call. Now is all there is. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What endings are you celebrating? Can you see that the end of that journey marks the beginning of a new one? Are you grounded in the idea that you can take 1% action, consistently, over time and make your dreams come true? Are you able to celebrate beginners mind when you start a new journey? Are you willing to step into the ownership of Your Dreams–the ones that are calling you? Are you ready? What is stopping you?

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