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Today I am grateful for a well stocked Fridge and Freezer!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 52

Today I am grateful for a well stocked fridge and freezer! Even when I am feeling low energy–after a long day, I amaze myself! A quick peek into the veggie drawer revealed asparagus that needed to be used, and the freezer yielded up a couple of sausages, and voila ~ dinner!

I am investigating Keto-as-a-lifestyle this year. If you know me, you know that I like setting intentions like that. It is interesting to step into a new eating protocol. I love thinking about eating as a way of life, as opposed to going on a “diet.” Think about what you say when you acknowledge “loosing a few pounds…” kinda sounds like you are missing them, or that you’ll find them in the future! LOL I prefer to think that I am making shifts to how I eat, either by choosing different foods and shifting my tastes, or by remaining conscious of How I eat (when, where, why, and how). IT is not just about the foods we eat… 50% of the equation is Who we are Being when we eat.

I firmly believe that we do not have to be a slave to our cravings. We can change the food we put on our plate–and in our belies!! We can choose to eat consciously, and intentionally. We can eat slower–more mindfully. We can eat without distractions (no screens during meals). We can chew longer–the first stage of digestion is in the mouth–saliva breaks down our food, and aids digestion. We can eat with all of our senses engaged. We can put our fork down between bites. We can breathe. We can choose to eat healthier.

Look at all those choices we have. You can do anything you put your mind to! Food is just one of those things that you can be at complete choice about. One of my coaching clients had a BIG AHA today: That she controls her gratification with sweet treats. Oooh, that’s is worth pondering. She is not a victim to her chocolate chip cookie cravings. She is choosing her cookies. Cookies don’t have to = Bad.

The thing to remember about cookies is that they are “Food with No Brakes” (Melissa Hartwig, It Starts with Food). You can eat a pork chop and experience being satiated, or a sense of filling up, and you can eat 10 Oreos and still be wanting more. So instead of eating cookies unconsciously (one after another, after another) celebrate and savor them. Put them two on a special plate, eat them with delight and intention (or eat them with relish–as my Grandfather would say!). Eat them slowly. Really Experience The Cookie. Be present to Yourself–and The Cookie.

When you have the cupboard doors in your hands, and you find yourself gazing into the void wondering what might fill you… step back and as yourself, what am feeling? Your head may have you convinced that you are hungry, but maybe there are no hunger cues. You may be wanting a little something-something, because you always had something sweet after dinner… That is interesting too. I encourage you to look, and listen, and feel. What do you really want more of? For me, I find that I want something sweet, and it is in direct correlation to wanting something sweet in my life.

I am changing out the need for sweet, by creating more sweet experiences in my life. I love the ritual of making a cup of tea. I put the kettle on. I pick a mug that inspires me. I choose a tea. I smell the tea. I place the tea bag in the cup. IF there is a fortune, I read it. That is how I think of teabags with lovely sayings… it’s like a fortune. That is funny–that makes me Fortunate! My life is full of positive omens. I am grateful that I experience the world as positive, and filled with meaning to be gleaned.

So what else needs to be nourished in your life, when you have your hand in the cookie jar? I’m betting it is not about The Cookies at all. Let’s wake up and have a look! Shall we? You can put your drug of choice in the same scenario as the Cookie. It may be time to just be curious about our unconscious habits. Let’s shine a light tin there and look around. What is the story that you are telling yourself about that? Is it True? _________________

Thanks for reading 365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

Feel free to comment, or share if you resonate with this post.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach, and a Wellness Coach. I help people find sustainable JOY. So that they Love the Life they Have, and Create a Life they LOVE!

Feel inspired? Want to know more? Message me, or visit my website: You can schedule a Free Discover Wonderful You Clarity Session online. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What have you be unconscious about lately? Are you willing to bring more mindfulness into your meals? Try slowing down… on everything. Choose to be conscious with your choices. Savor the Cookie when you eat it.

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