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Today I am celebrating the Super Snow Full Moon!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 50

Today I am celebrating the Super Snow Full Moon! I am grateful for this time of intensity, clearing, illumination, and clarity. I watched a colleague’s mini-workshop on the Full Moon today, she reminded me of the power of the moon and using its influences to create deliberate action in our lives toward our dreams. Thanks Stacy Brass Russell!

Stacy reminded me that the Full Moon is a powerful magnetic force. This is a great time to get clear about what you want, and use the moon’s energy to illuminate your path, magnetize what you want, and recognize the shadow to let go of old patterns or outmoded ways of thinking. This is a great time to let go of the old and attract or bring in the new! I am grateful for the reminder, and the gentle nudge to clear clutter.

I had gotten home, feeling exhausted–wondering what I was going to write in my gratitude post… I made dinner and watched her video. I looked around my house and I felt overwhelmed. The house was a mess, absolutely EVERYTHING needed doing. Ugggghhhh… I made dinner, folded clean laundry–pushed another two loads through, did the dishes, wiped the counters, opened the mail, took out the recycling, took clean linens to the studio, took some other stuff to the car, and made a short list of errands for tomorrow. Can I just say… Wow. I feel WAY better.

Just by cleaning, tidying, and putting things in order I reduced the chaos in my home, felt a sense of regained control, and shifted my personal energy from slump and sluggish to revitalized and empowered. Just having the clear surfaces, and things put away frees up energy, in the literal space, and in my mind.

I’ve been working on clearing clutter in my schedule. I am choosing to deliberately slow down, and create more spaciousness in my every day life. Saying yes to less, and no to some things. I am investigating space and time, and breaking up with over-doing… kicking it to the curb in 2019! I am certain that my creating time to rest, move slowly, eat slowly, and start a Slow Movement In my life that I will heal, recover me, and grow into the way of being that I prefer to emulate.

I think rushing doesn’t get me anywhere–except exhausted and frazzled. I believe that rushing and the mask of over-doing have been a smokescreen, or a way of shielding myself from slowing down–enough to feel. It has been a protection mechanism, which is now out-modded.

I realize that slowing down, feeling my feelings, expressing myself, and setting clear boundaries, are the new mechanisms that I can use to protect myself. I am rewiring the neural pathways, and offering these new behaviors as an alternative way to get my needs met.

I know that it takes time to implement a new strategy. So I will be gentle on myself in the process. Much like starting a new diet or exercise regimen–it takes time for it feel natural. We consciously choose to make a change, and then as we step forward into action, we stand in the discomfort–or tension of the newness of action and feeling. And we do it over and over, until one day we are doing it without thinking about it!

So for 2019 I am focusing on gratitude, slowing down, clearing clutter, and loving myself. I am looking forward to the journey, and grateful and honored to share it with you.

Blessings! _________________

Thanks for tuning in to 365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

Feel free to comment, share, if you resonate with this post.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach, and a Wellness Coach. I help people trade restlessness and anxiety, for peace and calm as they reconnect to Purpose, Passion and Meaning, and find sustainable JOY. So that they Love the Life they Have, and Create a Life they LOVE!

Feel inspired? Want to know more? Message me, or visit my website: You can schedule a Free Discover Wonderful You Clarity Session online. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What do you want to harness the power of the moon to attract in your life? Are there places in your life where you can clear clutter–your office, your car, your shed, or in your calendar? Do you want to try on slowing down and see what you discover?

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