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The Value of Slowing Down… we begin to hear our heart.

This month, I am focusing on slowing down, simplifying, and savoring September.

Something amazing happens when we slow down, we begin to quiet our monkey mind, and make room for the gentle whispers of our heart, and the intuitive nudges of our soul.

Most of us are so busy doing, making lists, and taking care of things, that we forget ourselves in the process.  By deliberately slowing, our pace, our lives, our minds, we get more breathing room and something magical begins to unfold.  This magic, is that we begin to tune inward.  When we quiet our lives, we can hear  the beat of our heart’s song.

Interestingly, we are not generally taught this in school, or from our family of origin–they are too busy teaching us how to be busy doing.  Often when we awaken to our hearts – it can feel as though we are having a mid-life crisis.  Maybe that “crisis” is just a re-awakening.  It can be hard to shatter our patterns and ways of being.  We may have spent decades “doing” who we are, instead of simply being.

Maybe you’ve been lucky to find a place of respite. Maybe you know the joy of quiet, calm, tuning in.  Maybe you’ve found meditation, or yoga, or the value of long walks in the quiet woods.  Maybe you know that you feel better at the beach, or that you are soothed by the roar of the crashing waves.  Maybe you have only just begun to yearn for something more…

For some, this feels like restlessness.  For some it may feel like depression.  For some it comes on like a freight train–that moment that you realize that you don’t know who you are, or that you haven’t been standing up for yourself and doing things that you want.  I think that’s why it is often termed a “mid-life-crisis.”  Our people, and maybe we aren’t really sure how to deal with, or answer this new call.  Some people buy that sports car, go back to college, travel to exotic places, quit their careers, and leave their marriages.  This restlessness, this call of the heart- to do the things that make you happy… it’s like re-calibrating your inner compass.

We are supposed to be listening to our hearts, they are our inner compass.  Our inner compass leads us into and through our greatest learnings, and it is the way to our life path.

So keep breathing, create the space in your life for reflection.  Celebrate slowing down, begin to do it deliberately, regularly. I give you permission to nap, meditate, take up a musical instrument, journal, create, whatever it is that your heart yearns for.  When we begin to do this–this slowing, quieting, creating space in our lives, we get better at it.  It’s like exercising, it becomes easier, and we get stronger. As we begin to give our hearts space to beat our the individual rhythms, those feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and depression fade into the shadows, and our lives are filled with a new light.

That light, is the joy of your heart beating, and being honored.  It is a sacred dance that we all must follow–this listening to our hearts.

Wherever you are in your life path, I encourage you to slow down this month.  Join me on a month of simplifying, and savoring.  Let’s see what magic emerges!


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