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Soul-Full for ME in 2023!

I want to approach this year with a focus on what fills me--Body, Mind, & Soul.

Soul-Full living may be an elusive creature... especially as I reflect that I felt like I didn't play, nor have enough fun this past year. It's a complex equation... the aspects that make up one's satisfaction with one's life. When I looked at all I accomplished in 2022, I realize that I had been quite a task master.

BUT My heart nudged me... "We want to have more joy... more laughter... more adventures...We want to have more fun."

In essence, I want to feel more deeply connected to the well spring that is my soul. I want to feel nourished, and fully alive. I want to set the Intention for a Soul-Full Year, manifesto if you will. Here it is:

I want to do things that fill me. I want to be around soul-filling people, places, and things.

I choose to play more, to create more. I will say yes to life, opportunities, and experiences. I will live fully this year. So that I have a rich, juicy experience. I will laugh, and dance. I will sing, and pound my drum. I will dream, and vision, and lead with my heart. I will listen carefully to the call of my heart, and whispers of my soul.

I will jump in the water, and swing from rope swings. I will hang with my friends, and celebrate my wins small and big.

I will nourish my body with delicious foods and experiences. I will practice extraordinary self-care. I will ask for what I want, and hold healthy boundaries.

I will flow. I will play. I will create. I will thrive.

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