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Set Core Desired Values instead of Resolutions

I love to think about my intentions for the year. 2020 is particularly potent as it signifies clear vision, and a new decade. I absolutely LOVE this book. The Author describes a new way of looking at what you want to create in your life by ditching resolutions and setting intentions based on our Core Desired Values.

This book is like a workbook/journal and makes GREAT conversation among friends or a book group. I chewed through this one and think it is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! She asks you to focus on How you want to Feel… and use your core desired values as a way to navigate through your days, your decisions, and to start creating goals with soul!

These are my Core Desired Values for 2020: Happy, Creative, Empowered, Prosperous.

Do the book with me!  Click Here: for the link to the book on Amazon.  Enjoy!

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