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Reviews are the BEST Tips you can give!

I jokingly say that my reputation is literally made off the backs of others. Of course I mean that in the best possible way. I love helping people feel better.

My cousin visited recently from California, she did a quick google search and didn't find me... (wait--what??!!)

I guess my internet search rankings have slipped... It turns out that the web bots don't like it when you move--or change business names... and I've done BOTH--TWICE! darn it.

My cousin suggested that I ask my wonderful clients for reviews and testimonials. It turns out that the web bots love reviews, and they are one of the best ways for me to boost my search-ability. Of course, it would also be amazing to have reviews from my favorite people. :) SO IF you'd be so kind:

IF you leave a review, send me a screenshot--to help me feel the love. Thank You for your continued business, and thanks for referring me to your friends and family. Honestly, I couldn't do what I do without You.

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