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Resilience ~ Patience ~ Growth

The Primroses have sprung up in hopeful anticipation of warmer days, even in the face of occasional snowfall. This is the power of Resilience in action. Bloom when you feel called to bloom. There is no wrong timing--IF you feel it... It's time to do the thing.

Do it. Even in the face of those that may not understand. Do it, because it calls to you. Do it, even if the weather is iffy. There will always be excuses and reasons why not. It may feel like you don't have the money, or there's not enough time... But IF you feel called... Then by all means, lean in.

Lean toward that which you want to create, be, do, have. Always lean toward love. Laugh more--like the primroses at the snow. Have patience with yourself. Know that all things unfold in right timing. Tides Change. Moons Change. Seasons Change.

Quiet in. Listen deeply to the call of your soul. IF you are called to bloom--then do the thing. Grow.

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