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Reduce Environmental Toxins – in your home and your life.

To reduce environmental toxins, you can:

  1. Cook with stainless steel or glass

  2. Microwave only in glass or ceramic

  3. Use perfume and dye-free products

  4. Buy clear dish and hand soap

  5. Replace amalgam fillings

  6. DON’T use chemical air fresheners (essential oils – ok)

  7. Toss plastic ware that has degraded

  8. Wear gloves while painting or handling chemicals

  9. Filter drinking water

  10. Put a filter on your shower

  11. Don’t consume artificially colored foods or beverages

  12. Switch to bees wax candles

  13. Choose wool rugs

  14. Avoid items that have been enhanced with flame retardants, bug deterrents, fragrances, anti-bacterial/microbial additives.

When we begin to reduce our chemical exposure, our bodies begin to detoxify.  We don’t even realize how much of an additional load this has put on our system.  The Liver detoxifies our blood and filters out harmful chemicals.  So, when we have less junk to remove, the liver will be able to perform it’s other tasks more efficiently, which helps all the functions of the body.

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