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MELT into Fall ~ Nov/Dec Classes

Happy Fall Blessings! I'm celebrating and super grateful to have brought MELT to over 100 students here locally (whoo hoo!). Thank you all for your support. I sincerely hope that you LOVE MELTing, and and really notice a a difference in your body.

MELT is gentle self-treatment techniques that enhance mobility, stability, and performance. MELT is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall wellbeing. Nov/Dec 2022 ~ Print the Class PDF here

  • Intro to MELT Hand & Foot / Rebalance Sequence $25 / 90 min ~ 11/16 @ 10a; OR 12/3 @ 1030a; OR 1/7/23 @ 10;30a

  • Hand & Foot ~ Ongoing (in person or online) $15 / 60 min ~ Most Weds @ 1p

  • MELT Saturdays ~ Soft Roller $15 / 60 min ~ Most Saturdays @ 9a


  • Maybe you are ready to revive your MELT practice?

  • Maybe you need a new roller or balls?

  • Maybe you want to get out of the house and off your seat?

  • Maybe you're yearning for self-care time?

REMEMBER MELT?? How good you felt... How you gained range of motion... How you had better balance and stability... I know...Right?! Come MELT with Me.


  • Join my Private Facebook group: MELT with Monika:

  • Subscribe to Live Well Journal ~ Monthly e-newsletter: (bottom of the home page). for monthly MELT class announcements


In January I will be back in training to become a Certified MELT Level 2 Instructor, with 21 new moves to share. EEEeeeeeeee! Can't wait to share! VISIT MELT PAGE for more info.

I hope you are inspired to stay connected, and come MELT with Me!

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