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MELT Away Pain.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

MELT your feet for low back relief. MELT for better balance.

MELT is a gentle self-treatment technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall wellbeing. I teach MELT because it helps people feel better in their bodies, hydrating tissue, enhancing range of motion.

I'm kicking off the Fall Season with a couple of Introductory MELT classes. I recommend that everyone take the Intro to MELT Hand & Foot. IF a roller class beckons you... I recommend that you give yourself 4 weeks to be MELTing your hands and feet, get used to the terminology, and give your body time to adapt

  • Intro to MELT Hand & Foot ~ Weds 9/14 @ 1 p ~ $15

  • Hand & Foot Series (3) ~ Weds @ 1 p on 9/21; 9/28; 10/5 ~ $45

The Intro to MELT Roller class will sample a bunch of different MELT sequences--to get you hooked! The Intro is fast paced, and you should be comfortable on the floor on a mat.

  • Intro to MELT Roller Class ~ Sat 10/1 @ 8:30 a ~$22

Regular MELT Saturday Class for people who have MELTed. I plan to offer this 1-2 x mo in person, possibly every week via zoom--depending on participation.

  • MELT Roller / Hand & Foot ~ 9/24; 10/15; 10/22 @ 9 a ~ $15

Classes will be offered in person, and via zoom. The catch is that IF you've not taken a MELT class before and you don't have the MELT balls or MELT Soft Body Roller you'll need to get those before class. IF you attend in person--balls and rollers are provided.

Super excited! Can't wait to share MELT with you, get you back to MELTing regularly, and help you be more grounded in your body.

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