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Making Conscious Choices

I want to remind you to remain conscious.  Say yes when you mean it and no when you need to.  It can be very empowering when you stay true to what your heart, body and soul need.

For some this will be a thoughtful practice, and a challenge to listen to what comes up for us when we are present for ourselves.   Some of us were taught that it is not polite to say no when we are asked for something.  Others may not be comfortable asking directly for what they want.  For some, these behaviors can lead to patterns that do not support the self.

Consider looking at your pattern of responses and think about what serves you.  This is about making conscious choices.  Learn to decipher what your body tells you.  Ask yourself:

· How does my body feel? · What does my heart tell me? · What would best suit me?

Use this information to take the action that feels right for that situation.  When you take a moment to check in with your body, mind, and soul you honor your wholeness.  Each time you do this it gets easier, you get stronger, and begin to resonate with your authentic you.

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