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Love this article on Hugs! Strive for 8 a day for better health!

I heard that we need a daily quotient of hugs:  4 hugs a day for survival and 8 for better health.  WOW…I live alone, and am single, I am thinking that I rarely get 4 hugs a day.  I hug clients if they initiate or request a hug.  I am getting quality comfort oriented touch.  I get regular massages–generally two a month, and occasional acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  It makes me wonder now, when I volunteer I often come home feeling connected to community–I will ponder this:  are my warm gooey feelings from the meetings where someone hugs me?

Here is the article.  I love what it says!  Enjoy and Hug On!  Let’s increase our hug ratio.

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