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Live Well Kitsap Health Fest ~ Sept 10

I'm in the Orange Tent at the Health Fest ~ This Saturday, September 10, from 10A-3p. We're offering free BEMER 8 min sessions for better circulation. I use my BEMER every day for Healthy Aging. I use BEMER in my practice to help people's muscles relax, and stimulate blood flow for Restoration & Recovery.

We've got the BEMER Horse Set on display, and you can sign up for free demos at your barn (tell your horse friends). Carl loves to share BEMER Horse sessions.

Come By, Say Hi. Get Gather Great Health Information. Check out our local Wellness Businesses, and maybe win cool prizes! Come take advantage of 8 minutes of wellness. Honestly~ I love it when you come by and put your feet up in my zero gravity chair and soak up the good BEMER vibes. Look for the Orange Canopy.

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