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Listening To My Body

I recently received a skin care treatment and as I lay under the warm steam I noticed that my chest felt tight, and that my breathing was shallow.  I was aware of a pain in my back, and discomfort in my legs.  The most obvious sensation I had was that it was hard to breathe.

I started taking slow, deep breaths into my belly.  I focused on breath, and trying to remain open and relaxed. As I lay there, I consciously tried to relax my shoulders, relax my hips, relax my arms and my legs.  And as I did, I let out a big sigh, a sign that my central nervous system was letting off steam.

Over the next few days I consciously remained aware of times when I felt like I was stressed or anxious.  I tuned in and  noticed that when I am anxious or stressed, it feels like my body is tight and constricted.  It is as if my whole body is holding it’s breath.  I believe this is my body’s way of keeping me safe.

When I recognize I feel this way, I focus on breathing slowly and deeply into my belly.  I thank my body for protecting me. I look at the situation I am in and think about what I am feeling. This is mindfulness in action.

I have noticed that with this enhanced quality of breath, and by acknowledging my body’s messages, I feel calmer and more centered.  I’ve also become more aware of the kinds of situations that are healthful for me and which are toxic.

I can choose to be in situations that support my health and well-being.

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