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Let’s take a look at what Fat Does on the Inside…

It’s Wellness Wednesday. Let’s take a look at what Fat Does on the Inside…

This image shows a 250 lb woman on the left and a 120 lb woman on the right. We can see weight gain from the outside, but we usually can’t see what it’s doing on the inside. Look at the fat surrounding the organs in the woman on the left. Do you also see the fat around her heart and around her brain? A little scary, isn’t it? Look at the compression around the stomach and internal organs. Do you think that would have any impact on GERD and indigestion? Look at the compressed knee joints. Do you think those joints ache a little more than they should?

I know it can be hard to get healthy but isn’t your life / your health / you being comfortable in your own body (inside and out) worth it?

If you want to make a change? I can help–message me. Monika Adams, Certified Health Coach, Transformational Life Coach.

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