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Learn to Rewire Your Thinking to Decrease Stress with Emotional Brain Technique (EBT)

I heard about Emotional Brain Technique (EBT) through my Health Coach training.  This is really powerful stuff.  Neuroscience research confirms that we can rewire our response to stress and learn to “upwire up and out of stress and into feeling great.”

We all know that as humans, we hang onto negative comments, or something simple can trigger an overreaction, or affect how we feel about ourselves for a lifetime.  These simple steps are part of a protocol that you can use to reduce your stress level.  Here’s a handout for EBT, simplified.  I’m happy to work with you more on this if you’ve got a trigger that you want to learn to upwire!

Here’s a great article, by  Laurel Mellin Ph.D.,  Rewired


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