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Kickstart your Daily Gratitude Practice with “The Magic”

Gratitude is best served up on everything. When we get in a funk, it is hard to remember.  There is something about our human minds that naturally zeros in on the challenges, the hard stuff.  It is our gripes that linger on our minds.  We do have the power, the ability if you will, to change our minds and rewire them toward gratitude.

Wouldn’t it be great if we naturally talked about what is going well, or if there were a Good News Channel?  In my coaching practice I like to have clients start by reporting What is Going Well in their week–this naturally raises our vibrational frequency.  When we see the good, we experience more good–and it just plain makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Today I am kickstarting my Daily Gratitude Practice by digging into a book that I cherish–The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  This is a 28-day Gratitude Practice, with a daily read, reflection and practice–in order to bring The Magic into your life.  A Daily Gratitude Practice is mindfulness at its best.  This is the most intentional, law of attraction strategy–Putting The Magic to work in your life.

Join me as I do a deep dive into The Magic.  I’ll be reading it and sharing inside my private FaceBook Group:  Optimal Health Blueprint.  Think of it as a book club journey into Gratitude!  I’ll share the daily reads, my reflections, and thoughts about gratitude and mindfulness.  Let’s Spring into Gratitude!

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