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Growing Nourishing Traditions

I’ve been a gardener all my life. My tricky mom got me out in the dirt at a young age.  We had a five acre farm, my folks were interested in “living off the land”… it was the 70’s after all.  I say tricky because decades after my gardening joy sprouted my mother admitted that she hated gardening.  LOL. WHAAATTT?!!  How on earth did that happen?  Well, she sent me out to weed and plant, while she made lemonade out of lemons! (Getting her daughter to do what she did not want to!)

A few weeks ago I picked up some organic veggie starts:  artichoke, sweet peas, red beets, and golden beets.  I am reminded of the spiritual practice of mindfulness cultivated by the act of service: Chop Wood, Carry Water.  It is stated that by being In Service, we are connected to the supreme life force of all that is.  By humbling ourselves to the duties of life, we are in essence in deep spiritual connection. I correlate the actions of preparing the soil–pulling weeds, adding organic soil amendment, and planting with care, reverence, and love–that I am quite literally Growing Nourishing Traditions.

Spring is the Earth’s time of rebirth and renewal.  It is time to plant seeds, water, tend, and have faith that things will take root and sprout in their divine right timing.  So too with all things in life.  Honor the cycles of the seasons, whether you are planting edibles, or ideas everything needs tending and faith.

Pictured here:  The Red Beets are in the ground.  The Golden Beets are next. The strawberries are flowering.  You can see last year’s artichoke in the ground.  Way in the background is the trellis the peas are on–too small to see yet!

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