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Great Article: Why Functional Nutrition is a Future Focused Field

People ask me all the time… “What is Functional Nutrition?”  This article from Portland Community College offers this simple explanation:  “Functional nutrition, a type of functional medicine, focuses on using healthy, natural foods to help people improve their health. Functional nutritionists provide flexible, individualized care to each person based on their needs.”

I too believe that Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle modification is the future of medicine.  Our current Western medicine model has offered a one-size-fits-most application of diagnosis and pills.  …And the sick have kept on getting sicker.  My teacher and colleague Andrea Nakayama of Functional Nutrition Alliance describes the Western model way of working as “putting a lid on a boiling pot.”  When we take something to quell our symptoms, and do nothing to address the root cause(s) we are really missing the point entirely.  In Functional Nutrition we strive to turn the stove off so that the pot doesn’t boil over!  As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach I recognize that you are not your diagnosis, AND that your symptoms or diagnosis are not the end of your story… it is just the beginning.

This article is a great primer to chew on!  Read the article here.

One of the most important aspects in Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is Your personal story. Together we take an in-depth look at your life, your detailed healthy history, and identify stressful events, and triggers, and how and what you eat, all to dig deep into what may have set your body up to be susceptible to the disease state or auto-immune disorder.

I’d love to hear more about what you are facing, and share how Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching may be beneficial to Your personal Optimal Health Blueprint. You can schedule an Optimal Health Discovery Session here.  

Bon Appetit!

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