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Go With The Flow

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

I've been spending a lot of time in the car these days. I'm reminded over and over to be a peace with the pace of things--as they are--and go with the flow.

The other day arrived at the Southworth ferry terminal, and true to form, I like to arrive 20-30 minutes early. I have my journal, my computer, and food. I had planned to eat dinner, relax and spend some quiet time with me. When I got to the toll booth, the attendant informed me the boat I was attempting to catch was running late, and she suggested that I drive to Tacoma and catch the Southend boat--which would likely get me there a little earlier. I thanked her, and dashed away.

As I pulled up the map and rerouted, I felt hurried, and rushed. I looked at the timing of the ferry departure, and the arrival time on the map, and I sped toward my new goal. I noticed that speedometer and wondered IF I could shave a few minutes off the estimated time--pushing a bit harder on the accelerator. It felt like I was barely going to make it. ...Zoom Zoom.

Then it dawned on me--I had planned to have a lovely quiet time at the dock, write, read, and eat dinner. I was missing out on a beautiful view of the water, and the smell of the salt air. SO--I turned around and went back to the dock, to wait, relax, and enjoy my space of the wait time. #aaah

Now, I could get worked up about ferry wait times, and schedule delays... Instead I chose to celebrate the space for me, and lean into slowing down. I had planned to contemplate, and nourish myself--instead of spending 40 minutes racing down the highway, stressing all the way. This experience reminded me of this simple adage from my youth:

Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently Down The Stream.

Summer is a season to enjoy. IF you find yourself in circumstances that frazzle you, or increase your stress... Ask yourself: How can I course correct? Choose the way that nourishes your soul.

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