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Fight Inflammation and Fight Depression!

This is an excellent article.  Each of us has inflammation in our bodies.  And, the causes are different for each of us.  Most often inflammation is caused by our own body’s chemical reaction to something we are eating or are exposed to in our environment.

If you aren’t sure how to determine what might be setting off an inflammation response for you, I recommend starting with an elimination diet like the Whole 30.  Simply put, it is 30 days of high quality proteins like meets, eggs, and nuts, healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, butter/ghee, or lard, ton and tons of green leafy veggies, and a moderate amount of fruits – berries stand out as the best choices, and saying no to sugar, grains, legumes, soy, and unhealthy seed oils.  (I know, but most people feel so good after 30 days they vow to make it a lifestyle – hence the Paleo and Primal movements).

To decrease chemical toxins in your environment commit to switch to perfume and dye free in the products that you use around the house.  You can use essential oils instead of air freshening products.  Don’t cook in plastic, use glass, ceramic, or stainless.  Don’t use body products that are colored, and don’t ingest colored foods.  Just making these small shifts will help your body detox.  And when we start making different product choices we are telling manufacturers that we want healthier choices in our market places.

OK I digress.  Read on, comment, and please share!!


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