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Faster EFT Explained – Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

Have you heard about tapping or EFT?  I was first introduced to tapping in 2005.  I had a counselor suggest it as a remedy to my angst, anger, and frustration. It is a powerful tool for releasing negative energy, and removing blocks.  It is a simple method, you tap specific spots, and usually work through a dialog with whatever has triggered you, until the energy shifts.  You can find more information on You Tube, or the Library–there are lots of books to choose from.

An acquaintance recently suggested that I enjoy “Faster EFT” so I watched this introduction.  I love what Robert Gene says, the tapping isn’t the important part, in fact you can imagine tapping.  The important part is to identify what you feel inside.  He demonstrates a version of EFT with fewer tap points, and describes how to imagine or swipe your way through tapping, in case you are in a business meeting, or out to dinner when you notice irritation arise.  This is really cool.  I could not wait to share it with you.

This month I have been focusing on Open Your Heart October.  This is a great tool for Your Emotional Freedom Tool box.  Tap your way to better feelings.  Tap your way to better relationships.  Tap to heal the break lines in your heart.  Tap your way to identify your feelings.  Tap to Open Your Heart.

Here is the link to Robert Gene’s Faster EFT.  Enjoy.

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