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Faster EFT – Can I Tap in Affirmations?

OK, I’m completely addicted to healing myself and my life!  Go ahead and laugh. I am sure you can envision me on the couch, or in the car, tapping away… it’s true, I’m doing it.

So – I’ve been tapping away, and it dawned on me that as I was tapping I was saying the things that trigger me… wouldn’t it be better to tap in the stuff I want?  Can I tap away bills and tap in financial prosperity?!  🙂 [Well, I’m going to try!  LOL.]

I like how Robert Gene explains it here.  He says that we have to tap away our resistance, or remove the emotional charge, and then once it is cleared (of doubt, fear, lack, trauma) then we can tap in the affirmation, or visualization of what we want in order to manifest that  and transform our lives.

Let’s get tapping!  Today I proclaim it to be Tap it Away Thursday!

Check this out!

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