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Did you know there are 12 kinds of Intimacy?

I’ve been thing a lot about what makes people feel close to one another… you know–when you get the sense that someone is Your Tribe.  You just seem to sync on a lot of topics, and is seems as if you think the same.  There are also those people that you don’t seem to vibe with, and it’s hard to say what the missing link is.  Recently I had a conversation and it got me thinking about emotional intimacy. I wondered what makes it up, and how do people sustain it.  I went to the giant inter-web in the magical sky and discovered articles that related the 4, no 8, no 9, no 12 kinds of intimacy!  Of course, in my line of thinking–more is better.  I read several articles that claimed 12.

There are all kinds of intimacy, Physical Intimacy, Emotional Intimacy, Recreational Intimacy, Work Intimacy, Conflict Intimacy, Spiritual Intimacy, and Financial Intimacy–just to name a few. Intimacy is when two people can share their thoughts about topics and feel safe talking to each other about their ideas even if they differ.

I found myself sharing this article and having multiple conversations over the last couple of days with some of my closest friends.  I think this is delicious discourse, and of course, it is super interesting to see how many you and your partner share.  This is also great to consider with your besties, family, and work relationships.  I think we should all be talking about intimacy. It is essential to feel safe expressing our views.

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