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Delight in December ~ A mindful awareness on Joy.

 A light dusting of snow appeared on the Olympics yesterday morning. A delight to mark the march into Winter. The mornings are frosty, the birdbath is frozen, the roof tops are white and each blade of grass is encrusted with crystals of ice. It is a magical sight to behold, to be aware of each breath–because I can see it.

I am reminded of the fragility of life with announcements of passings, and health crises, juxtaposed with the coming of new life and young toddlers gracing our lives at family gatherings, and the hope and renewal of a young twenty-something with dreams of a life to be built. This life, in all of it’s glory is a delight to behold.

This month I will focus on delight… joy, and pure, delicious happiness.  This is a good time to be reminded to do what makes you happy.  With all the consumerism, and stress of the holidays, remember to do things that make your heart sing.  Catch snowflakes on your tongue, go sledding or ice skating.  Crank up the music and dance in the kitchen.  Take time to make love.  Kiss your loved ones, hug your friends, tell jokes, share stories, sing carols, and drink deep of the precious moments of connection–we never know how long we have.

See if you can find something each day, that brings you delight, even if it is just delighting in the humming birds that have come to drink at your winter feeder.  Give them fresh sugar water so they can delight in a feast and overwinter in your yard.  Delight in your sweaters, boots, scarves, gloves, and heated seats.  Delight in the smell of the Christmas tree.  Delight in the ornaments from holidays past.  Give from your heart and graciously receive–and delight that you are on this side of the grass–for however long we have.

I am delight to be blessed with the bounty of this life.  Join me as I Delight in December!


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