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Day 6: Grateful to be Clearing Out the Clutter

365 Days of Wonderful ~ Day 6

Oh it seems that Sundays fly right past… I am so grateful for a day to putter around the house, cleaning, and tending, and shifting, and clearing. At the beginning of the year I embarked on a Clearing Physical and Emotional Clutter program through Daily OM… 🙂 I am grateful for the reminder of the value of cleaning up, and clearing out.

Today I put away Christmas, and my trip into the attic space led me to break down 19 boxes… I am not sure why I squirrel them away, thinking they might prove useful at a future date, instead they fill my space and quite possibly reproduce when I am not looking.

I am grateful for the expanse of clean surfaces that emerged in the space that the tree and decorations had occupied. It seems so apropos to start the year with clean spaces and by putting things in order.

As I packed things up I was listening to love songs and dancing around the house. Something in the process rocked me with sorrow for lost loves and failed relationships. So I went with the feelings and let the tears and anguish flow. I so want to be loved, deeply, and sweetly… I think this emotional clearing will help heal old wounds, and make the space for a new love on the horizon.

In my frenzy, I washed the dog, vacuumed the house, and tidied up under the kitchen sink. I found some wire and hung a mirror over the new dressers in my bedroom. In this flurry I also cleared out old jewelry and tossed single earrings, broken bracelets and necklaces, and let go of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that I do not wear (they will be recycled at Goodwill).

I am grateful for the Goodwill, which allows me to recycle my items so that someone else can celebrate finding their new treasures. Yesterday I sold a dresser and bought another piece of furniture…I am grateful for Craigslist and the lovely people who recycle their items in this way–keeping perfectly good things out of the landfill.

I bought these black cubbies for the Studio. I plan to teach MELT classes at home–for now, this will create a place for people to put their shoes and purses. It is super sturdy and I only paid $15!!! Super Grateful for the SCORE! Here’s a pic of my new dressers (Craigslist finds in the past couple of weeks). I’m changing my life one piece of furniture at a time!

I am grateful for my neighbor Linda, for her friendship and her willingness to help me get the boxes back up into the attic. It seems smart to get assistance when I am using the pull down ladder and maneuvering large bins-o-stuff over my head. She also helped me carry my new furniture piece to the studio. Since we are both single, it is a lovely symbiotic relationship, to lend a helping hand. We build a sense of community connection by driving each other to appointments, or to drop our cars off for service. A few months back, she rescued me from Fred Meyer when I locked my keys in the car. I value this part of our friendship, and recommend that everyone make friends with their neighbors.

Aaah the act of tidying up is so lovely. This simple clearing creates space, physically and emotionally, for more of what you want in your life.

I’m excited to see what manifests!

Not sure where to start? My friend Elena told me about the 30:30 Challenge… Just try clearing clutter for 30 minutes, and/or 30 inches. She swears sh transformed her home in just 2 weeks.

Thanks for tuning in to 365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

Blessings. ___________________ Individual Inquiry: What areas of your life need cleaning, clearing, and de-cluttering? Do you need to clear the clutter Physically, Emotionally, or Spiritually? Can you take a few minutes and clean out a drawer, tidy up a shelf, the pantry, or under the sink? Or would you be well served clearing out some emotions and having a good cry?

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