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Day 3: I am grateful for my grocery store.

365 Days of Wonderful ~ Day 3

I am Grateful for the AMAZING selection at the grocery store!

I just got back from a trip to the local Fred Meyers. I used the last of my greens at lunch and could not imagine a breakfast tomorrow without them. Firstly, isn’t it amazing that I can get greens in January?!! Super grateful about that.

Second, I love my grocery store. I can go after 8p; I am super grateful about that as well. Most of the time, after 7p I have an amazing experience at the grocery store… I love that I can drive right up, the parking lot is mostly empty, the isles are mostly empty, there are no lines, and I can use the self check out, at my pace. I love that I can choose what my grocery experience is.

I am grateful that I have learned to silence the audio–that is an amazing trick. If I am feeling like audio I can choose Spanish, and giggle my way through my check out experience.

Today I came home with two items that I had never tried before–that is fun, as well. I am grateful that I can read labels and try new things.

So much to be grateful for!

365 Days of Wonderful – a Gratitude Practice. What are you grateful for?

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