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Day 24: Today I am grateful to Fall in Love with Myself.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 24

Today I am a changed woman. I am grateful to say that I am deeply committed to falling in love with myself.

I had an incredible conversation with one of my coaches yesterday. She zeroed in on the emotional component of my sickness… asked when I started feeling symptoms and asked what was going on for me when it struck. It came on last Wednesday, and I was at my conference in San Diego. She asked if I had had any breakthroughs at the conference… of course, I did.

At our conference, was Master Trainer Bill Baren, he was lecturing for several days about money, and we were doing multiple exercises around money, and how our relationship with money is a mirror to our relationship with love… uuugggh. I had this amazing insight that I have been chasing men all my life. In the 3rd grade I chased the boys around the playground kissing them. Aye. It came to me then, that it is time to heal my relationship with myself… I need to embrace that I am the Soul Mate I am ready to meet and fall in love with.

After my amazing coaching session, I did some journaling last night. The story I have been telling myself is that “I haven’t been chosen by anyone.” I didn’t really have a high school sweet heart. I’m out here online dating, and I haven’t been chosen… Last night I had the breakthrough that I am the one that needs to choose me…. I was able to look back on my relationship history through a new lens, and see that I am the one that keeps choosing me, over the mediocre cadre of men. It changed from a victim mindset to a place of bold action and empowerment. I CHOOSE ME. I always have. This is a huge mindset shift.

I so completely grateful for this shift. I celebrate that I have chosen me, over, and over, and over again. This proves that I love myself–deeply. And I am so so grateful for the life and experiences that I have had. I then spent even more time bolstering up on Self Love. I crafted a list of things that I love about myself, the ways that I am, and the things about me that I appreciate, and value.

IF my cough was all the old stuff–let’s get it up and out –it is no longer serving me. It is time to let that old way of being and thinking GO. It is time to celebrate the love that I have for myself. I vow to remember that I am staying true to me, first. So I dropped out of online dating, and deleted my profile (I usually keep it hidden anyway). One of these days I may actually meet a man that is lovely in all the ways I hope for. In the mean time–well, I’ve got a primary relationship with myself, and I’m a Great Catch!

I am grateful to say that I have a trip on the horizon… nothing could be more romantic than a renewal of my vows to me! So today I buttoned up my travel plans for a Fall in Love with Myself in Florida trip! I am looking forward to some serious quality time–with my toes in the sand in Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and the Bahamas! Hello LOVE Me Time!

In addition to this amazing breakthrough, my friend recanted a story of a friend of hers delivering a concoction of ginger, lemon, garlic, and honey–when she was sick… So I googled it and came up with the Cold & Flu Bomb! Aye… this is the revitalizer! Wow! Nothing will live through a couple days of this! I consumed it yesterday, and woke with a spring in my step, feeling as if I see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the way I felt yesterday, this is nothing short of a miracle!

The Cold & Flu Bomb recipe is: 1/2 cp H20; juice of 1 lemon; 1 clove garlic, minced; 1 thumb of ginger, pealed an minced; 1 tsp Manuka honey.  Bring water, lemon, garlic, and ginger to a boil.  Let steep 5 min.  Add honey, sip while hot.  O YES.  Credit to:  The BIG Carrot (check it out online).

I as so completely grateful for the MASSIVE SHIFT, and to be feeling like I will live through this cold.

And I am so excited to announce that I am Falling in Love with Myself! This Self Love stuff is da bomb. You should try it! The Elixir of Love! I’m going to be SO Good to Me!


365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

I invite you to dig into the Individual Inquiry, feel free to comment below, or investigate in your personal journal. Share, or tag a friend that you think may resonate with this message.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach. I advocate finding Joy, connecting to Purpose, Passion and Meaning, so that you Love the Life You Have, and Create a Life You LOVE. Feel inspired? Want to know more? I’d love to connect–feel free to message me, or visit my website.

Blessings. ______________ Individual Inquiry: How vital is your Self-Love Relationship? What can you to do strengthen it? Want to feel the vibes of more self-love? Make a list of things you love about yourself. I invite you to re-frame your relationship “failures” to a Victory stance of Choosing You. Do something nice for yourself. Take yourself to dinner, or go on a cruise, or buy yourself some flowers–the ones you really like!

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