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Day 23: Today I am grateful for laughter.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 23

Today I am grateful for laughter. For the delight that wells up from my belly, and tickles the corners of my mouth, and spills out it’s joyous effervescence, encouraging smiles and giggles from others.

I am about as sick as I have ever been, horizontal on the couch for a week, coughing and snotty. But I can still laugh! AND I crack myself up! A friend of mine quizzed me about my symptoms, asked me to go to the doctor–in honor of her birthday–for her present. And when I called to talk to the nurse, she questioned me to determine if I should be seen… and then mentioned that I should call in if my coughing lasted more than 4 weeks… =o (blink blink blink)

FOUR WEEKS?!! I exclaimed, in a combination of hot retort and sheer surprise… you can tell because my voice goes up about an octave and I start laugh-coughing which then turns into non stop coughing, in my surprise. Still, though, it is laughter… disbelief marked by laughter… aye. I will have to retire on disability IF my cough goes on for four weeks. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE wants a massage therapist that is coughing over them. At least I can still do coaching by phone… where I don’t threaten people by being the Hot Zone!

So today I am grateful for my sweet dog, curled up in my lap. I am grateful to work for myself–so that I don’t need a sick note. I am grateful for understanding clients. I am grateful for my warm home and cozy couch. I am grateful for the humming birds at my feeder and the plethora of bird life at my suet feeder. I am grateful that the mail lady waves at me. I am grateful that I can sleep in. I am grateful for my yoga DVDs. I am grateful for my warm coat and hat, and my lovely walk to the bay. I am grateful that it did not rain today. I am grateful for this opportunity to be grateful.

So today, it is laughter that I am most grateful for. I am really having a lovely time in my life, musing with my friends, writing my blogs, and napping in between… Even on my sick days, I am filled with gratitude and I have my sense of humor!

Blessings are everywhere–find yours!


365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

I invite you to dig into the Individual Inquiry, feel free to comment below, or investigate in your personal journal. Share, or tag a friend that you think may resonate with this message.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach. I advocate finding Joy, connecting to Purpose, Passion and Meaning, so that you Love the Life You Have, and Create a Life You LOVE. Feel inspired? Want to know more? I’d love to connect–feel free to message me, or visit my website.

Blessings. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What makes you laugh? What can you do to strengthen your sense of humor? Do you need to watch more comedies? When was the last time you told a great joke? Can you laugh at yourself? When was the last time you shared a deep belly laugh? How about a New Year’s Resolution to Laugh More?–that one is worth keeping!!

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