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Day 21: I am grateful for my connection to technology!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 21

Today I am connected to my gratitude with my connection to technology. I have been creating a new program that I call “Discover Wonderful You – 10 Day Empowerment Intensive” Each day I am writing the scripts and doing a daily Facebook Live Post, uploading these to You Tube (yep, I created a Your Tube Channel). I then translate them through You Tube, to get an embed code, to create an automatic newsletter, and send them out to my subscribers! Boy Howdy. If that doesn’t create new neural synapses, I don’t know what will!!! LOL

So I am grateful that someone went before me, and created the infrastructure, so that I am able with a few clicks and an upload button, I successfully navigate these new outreach mediums.

And can I just be grateful for You Tube?!! Yes, OK, well years ago when You Tube launched I wondered who on earth had the time to make a video… and why they might want to post it for my edification. Now I know! You Tube is AMAZING! It is my go to, when I need to do something I have not tried before. A few weeks back I took apart my front load washing machine and installed a new gasket–that big rubber door seal that keeps all the water in!! AND I did it successfully! WELL, I admit it kicked my hind end, and I had to watch several videos, to be sure I wasn’t missing something. But I did it!

I am grateful that someone created You Tube How To Videos, so that even when I have a question about something that I don’t know how to do, I can tune in and watch… even as my eyes cross, and I know I’m not really developmentally ready for what someone might be teaching me… I know I can go back and watch it again, when I am.

And now, humble as it may be…I am grateful to have my own channel! LOL. I am uploading my Wellness Wednesday Videos, to create a library of content there. 🙂 Staving off Alzheimer’s at every chance I get!

I am grateful for my web hosting program that allow me to create automatic newsletters, in multiple categories… even when I can’t comprehend having that much to say! I am grateful for all the baskillions of programs that I will learn about, to help be become more efficient, at all this digital marketing and outreach. Right now I am blessed and grateful to be a beginner. I have beginner’s mind. I know that it is much like the iceberg, and I can only really comprehend a tip of it, floating on the surface. There is truly so much more to learn and lean into. I suppose that will keep these neuron firing for the next several decades!

I Plan to be a Granny That Can!


365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

I invite you to dig into the Individual Inquiry, feel free to comment below, or investigate in your personal journal. Share, or tag a friend that you think may resonate with this message.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach. I advocate finding Joy, connecting to Purpose, Passion and Meaning, so that you Love the Life You Have, and Create a Life You LOVE. Feel inspired? Want to know more? I’d love to connect–feel free to message me, or visit my website.

Blessings. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What are you grateful for today? Do you embrace new technology? Is there something new you’d like to learn? Is there a technology interface that can help you with learning something new? Do you Plan to Be a Granny That Can?!!

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