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Day 2: I am grateful for my bank.

365 Days of Wonderful ~ Day 2

Sometimes it is the little things to be grateful for. Today, I tried to switch banks. I was going to switch to a credit union, you know, by the people for the people. During my visit, the banker informed me that they did not have mobile deposits–for their business checking… whaaaa whaaaaaattttttt???!!! blink blink blink…

Isn’t it funny that I cannot even imagine doing business where I would need to drive to the bank every day… I hemmed and hawed, and then decided to get over myself…remembering my first intention, to get out of for profit banking… so we continued.

I found out that the business checking is free–but only for 100 transactions or less, and then there is a per transaction fee of 50 cents…that seems like that could get spendy, and like one thing to stress out over. I have no idea how many transactions I actually do in a month… and I’d rather not count them. But OK, let’s continue. After completing the set up on my business account, and about half way through the set up on my new personal account, she informed me that I would not be able to transfer funds between my business checking and my personal checking–at this bank, those are two different platforms… Wow. I would need two separate log ins, and I could write myself a check from my business account… so I’ve be paying for the check, and it would count as another transaction–toward my 100 transactions. This became my deal breaker, as often times I am standing at the grocery store and I do a quick funds transfer to pay for my groceries. Hmmm, I didn’t even know how good I have it. Evidently my current bank has all the bells and whistles.

After an hour and a half, I apologized and I thanked her for her time, and decided to drive to the other credit union in town. At least this time I was prepared with the right questions to ask. The second credit union did not have free business checking, and although they do not count transactions, you can write 20 checks. I don’t even write that many checks in a year anymore. They do have the ability to transfer funds between business and personal accounts (good news), but they do not have mobile banking either–you know,where you can deposit your checks with your phone. I use this feature every day.

So although I was trying to make a change, I decided to stay with my bank. I’ve got free checking, no transaction limit, the ability to transfer funds between business and personal accounts. Now I have the added bonus of staying where I am, and not needing to change all my bill pay, and auto payments. I am grateful that I can simplify, stay with my already memorized account numbers. I am oh so grateful for the small things that I had not even known that I been taking for granted.

Gratitude is a wonderful way to re-frame, or shift your thinking about something. I am grateful for my bank, and all it’s bells and whistles.

365 days of Wonderful. I am blessed.

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