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Day 10: I am grateful for community connections.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 10

Today I am grateful for community connections! I attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting, and I am reminded of the joys of being connected in community. I am on the Board of our Downtown Merchants Association, so I am active in that group, attending meetings, volunteering for committees and events that bring tourism into our small town. Years back I was also a part of the Chamber, but I let that lag as my business expanded and it became hard to justify cancelling a client to attend a meeting.

At this juncture I still have this same challenge, and I struggle with taking the time–seemingly off, for myself… As I am developing the coaching aspect to my private practice I feel that is is timely to be doing outreach, and developing new relationships. Today I ran into community members I had not seen in a long while, and I was greeted with warm hugs and genuine interest in what I am doing. I am grateful for the faces I know in the room, smiling and waving at me–that always feels so good. I am grateful for the people who reached out and introduced themselves to me. There are people there who I do not know. And I am reminded of the saying: “Strangers are just friends we have not met yet!”

I came away from the meeting feeling connected and a part of the community. It is as if I am strengthening the fabric of my life. I made a few connections and spoke with a couple of folks that I had been meaning to touch base with. As I drove away, I thought to myself that the meeting’s value for me, was more than for marketing, it is for relationship building. I may not know who my people are/or will be in this new group, but I know for certain that I will build a Tribe within this arena.

When I join a new group, I wonder who my tribe will become. Some people I will choose, and befriend. Others will choose me. Today a woman I know came up and gave me a deep heartfelt hug. That moment of connection may have been worth my entire annual membership fee–priceless!

Our town was recently hit by a Class 2 Tornado… this is not something that we experience–oh say EVER.. The raffle monies collected at the meeting were allocated to the Tornado relief efforts. Others thanked the first responders. Some shared ways to donate or offer assistance. The other day I dropped off blankets, socks, and jackets at the local St. Vincent’s–if you tell them it is for the Tornado victims your items will be given for free to those affected. All of these communications, and shared stories highlighted this strong, heartfelt community caring and connection. I am touched by the commitment that people have to helping those in need.

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with members of my community. I am grateful to be able to help members of my community. I am so blessed by feeling connected and deeply rooted in this lovely community that I call home.


365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

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Individual Inquiry: Do you feel connected in your community? Where do you have a strong sense of belonging and Tribe? When you are in a group, is there someone that you can reach out to and connect with? Is there a group that you are longing to join? How can you strengthen the fabric of your life?

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