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COVID Protocols – Update

Hello Beautiful People!  It’s timely for me to chime in and remind you what I’m doing to keep you safe!

  1. Firstly, I’ve been vaccinated!  Got my double shot, and today is the two week mark since my second vaccine.

  2. I mask at work and in public.

  3. I ask clients to arrive masked, and wear a mask when face up on the table (I do allow some to remain unmasked–if it is a hinderance to their care).

  4. In each office (Port Orchard and Silverdale) I have an air filter in the treatment rooms.

  5. At Port Orchard my air filter has a turbo boost that will filter the equivalent of 350 sq ft of space in under an hour.  My studio is only 200 sq ft.  I turn this on between each client.

  6. For clients that wish to minimize their exposure to others I recommend the first appointment of the day on a Monday or a Thursday.  On those days the studio has been vacant for 2 days.

  7. I am also taking each person’s temperature upon their arrival.  Since the beginning of the pandemic I have sent two people home, each had elevated temperatures (100.4).

  8. I am wiping all common surfaces between each client.  This includes door knobs, client chair, table tops, hooks, and hand sanitizer.

  9. I have hand sanitizer, and tissue available for client use.

  10. I wash the clipboard I use between each client.

  11. To reduce cross contamination, I am removing all linens between clients: sheets, towels, hand towels.

  12. I sanitize the face cradle between each use.

I also choose to reduce toxin exposure to you and the planet:

  1. I use fragrance and dye free laundry detergent and dryer sheets

  2. My dog is hypoallergenic

  3. My cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

  4. Candles are battery operated (no smoke)

  5. I reduce waste by using washcloths instead of 100-year hand wipes.

  6. I use a towel warmer that has a UV light to inhibit bacteria

  7. I recycle, and choose recycled paper products: toilet paper / paper towels / paper for printing.

IF there is something else that you think I can be doing to keep you, me, us safe–let me know!

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