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Choice is Mindfulness in Action

I believe that we have the capacity to change any aspect of our lives, at any time.  We can choose how to be as a person, how to live our lives, how to educate ourselves, what to eat, how to treat others, how to treat our bodies, where to live, what car to drive, and how to participate in our respective communities.  We can set our minds toward any thought, any idea, and propel ourselves through thoughtful and intentional action.  I also believe that we can change our minds at any time.

With that said, what do you want more of?  What do you want to bring to fruition?  What are you all fired up about?  What makes you happy?  And how do we learn to give ourselves permission to do more of that?  I would ask you, what do you want today to look like? How can you incorporate more of what you say you want?  How do you begin to take steps toward your dreams – today?

That is the intentional caveat – what can you do today?

For me it starts with choice.  Today.  That’s really present, right now, what am I going to choose?  For me, I choose to be more healthy.  I will make more healthy choices, today.  It is also a choice to be more mindful of my actions, and inaction.  I make choices about what to put on my plate, how much I exercise, how much water I drink, what I do for work and play, and how much I sleep I get, and who I spend my time with.

I decided a couple of years back to pursue soul-filling activities, spend my time in soul filling places, and spend time with soul filling people.  So I will ask you again, what do you want more of in your life?

Let’s become more mindful – together.  Engage your friends and family, talk about choosing to make more healthy choices, and share your successes and challenges.  Choice is mindfulness in action.

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