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But, WHAT do you eat?

When people hear about the modifications that I have chosen to make to my eating lifestyle (over time), they remark “WHAT DO YOU EAT?!”

Tons of Veggies, Quality Meats and Eggs (grass-fed, free range, organic, wild-caught), and some fruits.  I simplify.  I use 3-5 ingredients, a few herbs, and Himalayan sea salt and black pepper (not related to night shades).  I try and create a quality healthful meal that stimulates my palate and my eyes.  I love eating.

AND I avoid (well try to avoid, as often as possible):

  1. Soy (all forms, including soybean oil)

  2. Wheat / Gluten (in food and body care products)

  3. Nightshades: Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers, Eggplant

  4. Dairy (well, I added in soft cheeses on occasion, for brain health)

  5. Grains and Legumes  (yep, I know.)

  6. Seed Oils (these are in about everything)

  7. Added Sugar

Mostly, I wander the grocery store and feel like an alien.  There are aisles dedicated to items that I think of as toxic (bread, chips, cookies/candy, pop).  I shop bulk nuts (raw), organic produce, and healthy meats.

I read all labels.  I replace grains and flour with nuts and nut meals for baking.  I buy nut butters that do not have oil.  I go out of my way to purchase soy-free products, mayonnaise in particular (which means I buy this in a different town).  I try and avoid anything that has added sugar (or agave, or honey, or maple syrup).

I have replaced my commercial chemically laden creamer with full fat coconut milk, which I blend and refrigerate.  For the longest time that was my last hold out.  In April of 2017, I decided to really reduce added sugar, and the creamer had to go. Wa. Woh. Two months after that shift, I am finally settling into the new taste of my morning joe, and all is right with the world.

But look at these glorious photos, I hardly suffer.

For me it is about the nutritional science.  I choose to eat healthy foods in order to decrease inflammation in my gut, so that my body will be in a vibrant state of health, naturally burn fat, and not overstimulate insulin production, which enhances brain health and longevity.  I’d like to live to a ripe old age with all of my wits and memories, and the ability to hike Machu Picchu at the age of 80 thank you very much!

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