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Business Name change to Alchemy Wellness

I’m excited to share that I’ve recently changed my business name. I’ve changed it to Alchemy Wellness ~ Body, Mind & Soul (officially Alchemy Wellness, PLLC).

When I looked up the word Alchemy I found this description:

An alchemist is

  1. a person that studies the transformation of matter,

  2. particularly on how to transmute metals into gold.

  3. Alchemists are also known for seeking the elixir of life.

I LOVE these!  All of these speak to how I show up in the world! 🙂

  1. I study transformation and how to make behavior and habit change that lasts.

  2. Transmuting metals into gold speaks to the ability to look find silver linings and change challenges into opportunities.

  3. Optimal Health is the Elixir of Life.  If you are seeking a fountain of youth I’ll tell you the secret is in optimal blood blow, microcirculation, nutrition, and maintaining good neuro-fascial connections so that our bodies function optimally!

I’m loving this new shift to Alchemy Wellness.  I hope you continue to notice shifts for the better.  Happy New Year.  Happy New Everything!

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