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Biggest BEMER Sale Ever ~ Out with the Old & In with the New

I've been an Independent BEMER Distributor since June of 2018. In my 5 years with BEMER Group I've been delighted to share the health benefits of BEMER technology with my clients, friends, and family. The next generation of BEMER--the Evo Set has recently received FDA clearance, and will be launched in the U.S. on July 10th. With the announcement of the arrival of the new Evo, they dropped the price on the BEMER Essential Set--to a bigger discount than I've ever seen over $2000 OFF the retail price... on sale now for a mere $3990. This is unprecedented--I paid $5990 just 5 years ago.

SO... IF you've ever considered a BEMER for your home, this might be the right time to invest in your health--and the health of your family. Honestly, this is a while supplies last situation. BEMER is only selling the Essential Set in the U.S. until they are gone.

I'm super excited about this sale. I LOVE my Essential Set(s). I have two! One for my practice and one to loan out. I love this version of the BEMER technology, it includes the Special Program, that can be used to enhance your sleep quality. The Essential set is easy to travel with--I've taken mine to Cabo, Florida, and Hawaii. True confessions, I don't like to be with out my BEMER sessions. LOL I take it to friend's houses, and bring home to use morning and night.

Click the photo to be access my BEMER website with testimonials and details about the sale, the science, and the company.

AND the new set? Drum roll please... It will be launched July 10th (my Grandmother's Birthday). IF you're not motivated by price, and you'd like to get the skinny on the Evo I'm happy to share the details differences of the Essential Set -vs- Premium Evo Set. The technology is the same. The new EVO set has a redesigned controller, and has more coils in the b.body, and b.pad--just to name a few features. IF you're an early adopter--you can join the waitlist. :)

In July and August I'll be sharing BEMER in the Community at (2) events: the Professional PickleBall Association Tournament in Seattle at the end of the month, and the U.S. Senior Games in Spanaway in August. With the launch of the Premium Evo Set, I'm upping my training, and I'm heading to BEMER Convention in August so I can be brimming with knowledge and inspiration. IF you have any questions about either set or IF you're looking for a side-gig, I love sharing why I choose the BEMER business.

Reach out, I'm happy to help!

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