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Be resolute to Become a Better Version of Yourself!

Happy New Year!  I hear a lot of differing opinions about setting new year resolutions…or not…

I believe that a lot of people set weight loss goals, or decide to start a detox program, as a way to counteract any potential over consumption that may have happened during the holidays.  I also think that many people have not met goals in the past, and maybe choose not to set resolutions, so that they don’t set themselves up for failure and disappointment.  It’s completely understandable, not wanting to fail, beat yourself up, and feel bad – who wants that?!  But, it’s kind of too bad, that cycle of not believing in yourself.

There is something really potent in believing in yourself.  I recommend setting realistic goals. Start small and attainable.  The key is to make small incremental steps toward what you want. Celebrate the shifts that you do make, and keep the momentum moving toward that which you say you want.  Set yourself up for success.  When we succeed, not only do we get more of what we say we want, our self esteem is bolstered in the process.

Personally, I choose to be a deliberate creator of my destiny.  I know that if I reflect and take stock, it allows me to make changes or course correct.  So on the Winter Solstice (Dec 21st) each year, I do some internal work, muse over how things have gone, and think about what I resolve to let go of from that year.  I also spend time thinking about what I desire to attract in the new year.  I generally write these in my journal, and share with a few supportive and encouraging friends.

I generally choose 2-4 juicy ones to focus on.  For me, this year, I am setting intentions for my career, relationship, health, and enhancing my sense of community.  Each of these has smaller achievable goals under them, i.e., classes or trips to take, things to do or learn,  and things to complete or attain. I don’t stress out about these “resolutions”, they are an interesting focus for me.  They are steps toward my big juicy goals.  I know that when I am resolute-firm in my decisions to go for what I say I want, that more good stuff happens.

I think that it is our humanness that keeps us reaching for more and more.  We are in a state of dynamic tension between what we have and what we want.  Once we get something–there’s another next thing on the horizon that we set our sights upon.  This isn’t bad, we all do it, it is, what it is.  It may be the natural cycle of things.  I’m not saying that we need to be a victim to it, nor unconscious over-consumers.  We can acknowledge this as a way of being, or as a way of becoming, and know that it is a process of the natural evolution of things and ideas.  Nothing is static; everything is always changing and evolving, including ourselves.

In addition to my foci for the year, in 2018, I am resolute (firmly determined) to become a better version of myself.  For me, this means:

  1. remaining conscious about nutrition and exercise

  2. getting adequate sleep so that my body is best supported to heal and rejuvenate

  3. taking time to listen to my heart which supports my spirit, I do this best by journalling and meditating

  4. making time to play more often, which enhances the pleasure factor of life and counteracts stress

What does it mean to you, when you think about becoming a better version of You?!  I encourage you to chew on that for awhile.  And maybe see if you want to set that intention for yourself…  Be the BEST version of yourself, or start to take steps to become a better version of you, like a software upgrade,  make some tweaks, get the bugs out.  Try something new.  IF it doesn’t work, try something different. AND IF you need it–I give you permission to change your mind at any time.

Do more. Play more. Laugh more.   This is your one life in this space suit… make it count.

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