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Aye. I am ready for a Reset! (take two)

Some times life throws us curve balls, this seems like one of those times for me.  I can report that I am getting more agile on my proverbial feet and seem to be rolling well with the punches.  A close friend passed away suddenly on Monday. and I thought I was giving a talk at the Rotary on Wednesday–but it turned out to be Tuesday!  Aye Carumba–I survived and it turned out fine–I had some technical difficulties, but I’m happy with my delivery.

In addition, I’ve been having digestive issues–which is challenging for a Health Coach to admit–you know the motto: …”physican heal thyself.”  I do love how my Universe works, I tend to have bits of conversations that help me bring my AHA to light.  In my effort to shift way from corn I switched to a grain-free Cassava “tortilla chip.”  AND it turns out that these are the root (pardon my pun) of Tapioca.  When I looked up Tapioca Sensitivity there are a host of foods that fall on my known food sensitivity list–from 10 years ago!!  Let’s chalk it up to time and distance.

Now I’m gearing up to do a Whole30 based Reset and I wanted to invite you to join me!  You’ll have to join my Private Facebook Group: Optimal Health Blueprint. You’ll find the link to the group in the blog below.  You are welcome to participate in whatever way feels best for you. Some will go all in, others will choose to lurk and listen.  I’d be pleased either way!  I’ve wanted to be a Whole30 certified coach for several years, and this is a step on the path—but that is a post for another day!

We’ve got snow in the forecast here in Seattle.  I’m looking forward to a winter wonderland, downhill skiing, making snow angels and catching snowflakes on m tongue!  Snow is the Earth’s Winter Reset!

Thanks for tuning in,  Blessings of Health!

~ Monika

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