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Article: 7 Types of Self Care and Why You Need Them

During the Holidays, we are often functioning on overload and overwhelm, with a list of To-Do’s that feel insurmountable.  I am definitely a recovering over-doer.  I realize now that recurring behavior of over committing has kept me –well, in a way…safe, definitively overbooked without time to process my feelings–for decades!  YIKES.  That is a somber realization.

Life has a way of moving too fast, with too much to do.  Most of the time, I just want to get off the crazy hamster wheel of my life, and take up residence in the slow lane.  With the end of a decade nearing I am reevaluating my relationship to the world, how I show up, and discerning the kind of person that I want to be in the next decade.

Self-Care is crucial… as a way of being, as a non-negotiable, as a strategy for a life well lived, as a mechanism for maintaining my health.  I hope you’ll join me in this declaration,  Click the link below to read the full article.  Feel free to comment on what you are good at… and what you’d like to include into your next decade!


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