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Announcing: Distance Healing Sessions

I am excited to announce that I am offering Distance Healing Sessions.  This work is based in Somatic Experiencing, where the client tunes into the sensations in their body, and with our combined attention, the body’a natural healing mechanism is enhanced.  I am calling these Intuitive Body Sessions.  I am excited to offer this service, especially during these times of social and physical distancing. 

By tuning in and holding a space for your body’s sensations and feelings, your body can resource off our our collective energy. This activates the body’s natural healing response, and down regulates your stress response.  

This work allows me to integrate methods I’ve been using in my practice as a Certified Health Coach, CranioSacral Therapist, along with distance energy work as a second degree Reiki practitioner. 

Having a session by phone is an excellent self-care, and a great social distancing option. 

Click here learn more, or to schedule and find a time that works for you.

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