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Announcing Adams Wellness, PLLC!

Change is the only constant.  Some times it feels like we either evolve or perish, and sometimes it feels like we evolve and transform with grace and mastery.  Either way, the balance is to keep your wits about you, smile like you are on the red carpet, and make it look like you planned it.  Smile, nod, and wave.

That’s my best advice for keeping your head above the water, when you are in the throws of major change.

Okay, maybe that sounds dramatic.  I guess it feels that way to me.  Recently, the Universe gave me the not so gentle nudge to rebrand my manual therapy practice.  For the past 10 years I had been operating as the Administrator of Harborview Massage and Wellness Center.  We have been a group of Independent Wellness Practitioners, sharing an office space in Port Orchard and Silverdale.  For 6 years I rented rooms out of 2 lovely offices, we had 7 treatment rooms, and over 15 therapists that rented from me at any given time.  Three years ago, I closed the Port Orchard Office, and moved my private practice to my home.  And this past week, several of my therapists wanted to be removed from the Harborview website… YIKES without a group of Therapists, Harborview Massage and Wellness Center doesn’t have an identity.

I have never thought of myself as Harborview Wellness…  I was the Owner and Administrator. I have been managing two websites, one for Harborview Wellness, a Massage Therapy practice, and where I provide Coaching for Optimal Health.  Truth is, I think I needed a business identity crisis!

This last week, I have been in the process of chewing on re-branding myself, and my practice.  I wanted to integrate, what I do now, with my history, and passion for helping people feel better. Over the past three years I have become a Mastery Certified Health Coach.  I have added services in Health Coaching, and Identifying Your Food Sensitivities.  During COVID I have begun offering Distance Healing Sessions.  AND I just started a 10 month program to become a Functional Nutrition Counsellor (stay tuned).  I have so many great resources to offer clients.  It is time that I put it all together in one site, and simplify my life.

After 10 years, I am excited to announce that Harborview Massage and Wellness is no more (cue taps).  I have changed my business name to: Adams Wellness, PLLC.  Wholistic Health Solutions | Coaching for Optimal Health | CranioSacral & Massage Therapy | Distance Healing Sessions (Somatic Experiencing).  WOOT! WOOT!

I have spent the weekend developing my new website–rebranding  I have updated my Business on Google Maps, my listings on YELP, Linked In, and Facebook.  I updated my trade names, and filed an amendment to change my legal entity name–wheew!  I have reformatted my website, and now I am rolling it out for you to peruse.  Of course, IF you find any glaring typos–I’d love a heads up.  The process of cutting and pasting, and moving content is bound to leave a few errant corrections needing to be made. I’m still working with tech, on developing drop down menus, to help with the site interface, so you may see minor shifts in the coming days.

I am feeling really grounded in the change.  I’m loving the way the website looks.  I have incorporated stories into the how and why of what I do.  This feels deeply authentic, and like it incorporates my past with my future.  And as I am just about to launch my 55th year on the planet, this feels like a very expansive, and transformational commencement.

Let’s see where this next decade will take us!

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