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An Altered Normal is Approaching.

May 4th approaches, and the Governor of Washington is encouraging us to develop a plan to get back to our altered normal.  At Harborview Wellness we are planning to open for services–SLOWLY–with fewer appointments, and more time between clients.

We’ve created protocols that match the standard at local hospitals and state agencies.  Here’s what we’re doing / asking of our clients:

  1. We’re maintaining physical distancing by having no lobby waiting or overlap.  Text when you arrive, and we’ll text you back when we are ready for you to come in.

  2. We are allotting more time between patients – for cleaning and sanitizing.

  3. We are wiping all surfaces multiple times a day.

  4. We have a strict hand washing protocol.

  5. We are running a Hepa Air Filtration system throughout the day, and are scheduling clients several hours apart for better air quality.

  6. Therapists will work in a mask and ask you wear one when you are face up on the massage table.

  7. Each of our therapists is self-screening the questions below– each day.

We don’t want to see you IF you have 1 of these (that cannot be attributed to another condition):

  1. You have a temp of 100.4 or higher.–Please take your temperature in the morning BEFORE your appointment.  Our Immune System kicks in when our viral load is higher–this is often the first symptom, and you may not feel that slight of an increase.

  2. You have a Cough

  3. You have a Sore Throat

  4. You have a Loss of Smell or Taste.

  5. You have Shortness of Breath

  6. You have Muscle Aches

  7. You Feel Lethargic

Please call the morning of your appointment, and check in with your therapist BEFORE you come in. We’ll run thorough this checklist together.

I feel like it is important for me to remind you that we need to reintroduce shifts slowly.  Some of you may be ready to increase your germ circle.  Some of you may not.  Of course, IF you are Immune-Compromised–or have a diagnosed condition, you’ll want to decide for yourself about your exposure.  IF you are ready to schedule, just contact Monika by phone or text:  360-536-8092.  Of course, the more of us that continue to stay in–the better–this keeps our curve flattened.  So we understand completely IF you are NOT ready for an appointment yet.  You choose what is right for you and your family.

Most of you are long time clients, and I appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these shifts.  Many of our patients are immune-compromised, or have family members that are potentially at risk. With this in mind… it is not about you or me respectively. We imagine that these next few months will prove to be an interesting ride!

I firmly believe that we are respiratory animals, and that our Immune Systems are designed to be exposed to one another…  We are generally exposed to over 20,000 microbes, viruses, and bacteria EACH DAY!  We have evolved to where we are–as a species, because our ancestors lived through the primordial soup of viruses–up till now.  I mean no disrespect.  This COVID-19 is a a serious pandemic. AND I believe that we can bolster our immune systems and build our stress resiliency with diet, exercise, sleep, and good living.

In addition, we will do everything in our capabilities to provide a clean, safe, nurturing space for you to receive care.

Pandemics aside… we ALL need to be touched…

We’ve got Your Back.

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