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Advocating Self-Care

A few years back a friend of mine shared that she was taking an exercise class as part of her self-care routine. That sounded great; I had never thought of the things that I do for myself as a routine of self-care.  I decided right then that I wanted to engage in self-care!

Since that time I have taken yoga classes, started walking weekly with a neighbor, and I journal and collage.  I now recognize that the things in my life that feel nurturing to me—this is my self-care.

Self-care can look like a good cry, a gathering of friends, a glass of wine, or making healthy food.  I listen to my heart and soul, and I take the time to do things that make my spirit feel good.  I’ve noticed that I’m laughing more, taking more candle-lit baths, and I cherish my connections with myself and others.

Self-care is a practice of wellness.  Listening to your heart strengthens your relationship with yourself. A self-care routine will help you live longer, remain full of vitality, passion, and enhance your sense of contentedness.

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