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Do you ever feel a re-arrange coming on?  That’s how I describe what I feel when I start thinking about moving the furniture around the house.  It creeps in, niggling thoughts of how to shift the furniture or move the art on the walls… I imagine, I plan, I drag things hither and yon, and sometimes back again.

Watch me transform. I am in the process of changing my Facebook business page “” to Coach Monika Adams… That way when I am commenting, and on messenger, it will show as my name (business name), and not Say, ?? who ?? exactly is that?!  The big FB gurus in the cloud tell me I’m rebranding! I wasn’t thinking to be so formal about it. But, yes, I am changing it up a bit and re-branding!

It is also my intention to change “” and redirect that website to (which has not happened yet!–as I need to align with my hosting folks and get everything cued up for data transfer (I imagine the Starship Enterprise Transporter Room…).  Hopefully I won’t end up like Mike TV in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! …

Over the course of the summer I will be updating my website, simplifying, and making some shifts–a rebranding of sorts. I guess that is worthy of some fireworks! Thanks for your patience while I drag things around!  Stay Tuned!

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