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365 Days of Wonderful – Day 1: a Gratitude Practice for 2019

365 Days of Wonderful ~ Day 1

We have all heard the value of focusing on gratitude touted over the past few years. There are studies that say that people who focus on gratitude are happier. Gratitude can change your life–there are books, journals, calendars, and probably apps that you can employ–to help you be more mindful and grateful.

I invite you to join me in this exploration… Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days of Wonderful. I figure that I can find at least one thing to be grateful for each day. The other day, in the pouring rain–I was grateful for my rain gear–it was keeping me dry! In this exploration, we can fill our lives and our hears with gratitude instead of rants, and find ways to look on the bright side–and share those with our friends.

I started my New Year’s Day with friends, laughing and musing over the previous evening’s entertainment, and savoring coffee, a view of the Skagit Valley, and enjoying the birds at the bird feeder. I am SO completely grateful for friends and laughter. I am grateful for a hearty nourishing breakfast, hot coffee, a warm home, and hospitable table. I am grateful for the flickers, juncos, doves, and black cap chickadees.

Heidi and I walked 5.86 miles, an equivalent to 22 flights of stairs. I am so grateful for the health of my body, the strength of my legs, and the willingness of my friend to take in the planet and experience the joy. I absolutely love moving my body in nature, breathing in fresh, clean air, and marveling at the beauty all around us. I can say that we ended up splashing and laughing our way through the wetlands, and no feet returned home dry! I am grateful for the adventure! I am grateful for my flexi-dog. I am grateful for my waterproof shoes–even as the water gets in them once you submerge your feet past your ankles. LOL

Let’s Rock This Year with Gratitude!

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