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MELT with Monika

Learn self-care techniques to help you get out of pain
and stay out of pain.

What is MELT?

The MELT Method is a way of working with soft balls, and a soft-body roller that hydrates connective tissue on the inside.  As a MELT Instructor I show people how to use the tools, follow and develop MELT Maps, and how to do these easy self-care techniques.

I love sharing these amazing techniques.  The first day of my Instructor Training I cried all the way back to my hotel room...  This should be taught in 8th Grade Health class. I wanted to shout from the rooftops how the MELT Method could help people feel better--NOW!  

Each technique includes an assessment, specific ways to work with the balls and rollers to Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, and Release.  

When we reassess you will feel the changes for in your body!

MELT Classes 

  • MELT Saturdays ~ Soft Roller, Most Sat @ 9a  (in-person, or online)

  • MELT 101 - Intro to MELT Method (in-person, once a month)

  • MELT Hand & Foot ~ Ongoing  Most Weds @ 1p  (in-person, or online)

  • Nov/Dec Class PDF ~ Download/Print/Share

**IF you do not have MELT balls or the Soft Body Roller - contact me.  I have MELT products available for purchase in my Port Orchard Location.  OR Click here to Shop ~ this is my affiliate link.