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When it comes to Essentials ~These are products that I LOVE  


Nothing is better than to get GREAT Product Reviews from a trusted friend.  

ALL of these Product Lines get a FIVE STAR REVIEW FROM ME!

These are the Products I LOVE, with links for more information, and to shop.  Please know that I am an independent distributor, and make a small commission from your purchase.

Years ago I heard it stated that the average millionaire has 5-7 revenue streams.  This is me, sharing resources for products that I have personally tried, and stand behind. 

Feel free to contact me directly IF you have any questions.  I'd love to help!

I am happy to help you figure out which product is right for your lifestyle, your personal level of health, and your health goals.

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In response to the COVID-19 world wide pandemic, it is more important than ever to Bolster Your Immune System.  One of the key players is the health of our microbiome, and digestion.  My favorites:

  • Daily Complete Liquid Vitamins - these have a higher potency, and better absorption - than ANYTHING out there! If you Don't like pills--you got to try these!
  • PureTrim Shakes... WOW these have made me a fan of morning smoothies to start my day, and help me curb those pandemic pounds!
  • Support Your Microbiome with: Clear; Synergy; LiverMaster Cleanse and Experience!  

I LOVE everything about these products from the Mediterranean.  

Products are Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free!  Hallelujah.

Visit Monika's PureTrim Health Store.


Essential Oils from doTERRA

Essential Oils are one of the components to a healthy life style.  I use them every day.  This is MY Medicine Cabinet -- FULL of doTERRA!

  • I diffuse oils using aromatherapy to enhance my mood or productivity.  
  • I use the On Guard Tooth paste, hand soap, mouthwash, and hand sanitizer. This is a blend of similar to "Thieves"... with cloves, cinnamon, wild orange, rosemary, and eucalyptus.  
  • I LOVE the Citrus Bliss body soap with natural exfoliants.
  • I use the roll ons:  Serenity, Motivate, Cheer, and Clary Calm
  • I put 3-5 drops of Lemon into my laundry detergent.  
  • I put 3-5 drops of Cedarwood into the laundry when I wash dog blankets and bedding. 

Shop my doTERRA online store.

Book 3D - Hitzmann-Melt-Method

melt method products available

The Melt Method is Self-care techniques that you can learn to help You get out of pain and stay out of pain.  MELT is a way of working with soft balls and the soft-body  roller that hydrates connective tissue on the inside of your body.  

As a MELT Instructor I show people how to use the tools, follow and develop MELT Maps, and how to do these easy self-care techniques.  

I am not currently teaching.  I recommend MELT on Demand, this is a monthly subscription of $14.99.  I get no proceeds from recommending this.  There are tons of videos that you can access 24/7, right in the comfort of your living room.  You can try a 7-day free trial to poke around and see all the amazing videos.  Hey, this monthly fee is the cost of one class with me, and you get the Guru of MELT--Sue Hitzmann herself.  This may be the deal of the century.

Of course, I am happy to be a resource, and help you determine IF you are doing a move correctly, and which MELT Maps would be beneficial for your level of health, and your personal wellness goals or concerns.

I have MELT Kits, DVDs, Replacement Balls, and the Soft Body Rollers available for purchase (see photos below). Call for more information: 360-536-8092

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